No Feedback unLTD

2017 launched an exciting new phase of No Feedback in partnership with People’s Palace Projects. We have taken the show out of arts settings and into schools and community centres in London. Using the elements of the original show we worked with these groups to devise their own performances exploring the issues of discrimination and oppression.

Thanks to our partners:

Acland Burghley School, Mulberry School for Girls, Studio 3 Arts, Queen Mary University.

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 I learnt that people can be easily manipulated and that subtle things (like wearing lab coats or acting like robots) can have a huge impact to confuse children.” Participant feedback.

“Before I think we used to accept it, like if my parents said ‘not under my roof’ or ‘you’re young you don’t understand’  something like that but now …I kind of speak out against it (discrimination) – I don’t just accept it and it made me react differently to it. Instead of feeling wary I do speak out.” Participant feedback.

“(I am) a lot more confident about myself, a sense of belonging to something. I can achieve things… Taking part in the project gave me a sense of purpose.” Participant feedback.